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Hello friends!

How is everyone holding up? There are a lot of things being worked on in the background while we are all sort of living life on hold. One of the first things accomplished was bringing back after being offline for a few years. If you were a member before, none of your information was transferred over so you will have to sign up again. Some of the wonderful “usual suspects” have already signed up there and we’re having a bit of fun. The new site is smart phone friendly too.

What’s different? Well, you can go over and check it out and see that discussion is at the forefront of everything but you have ample space to make a gallery on your profile of your work.

There is also a really amazing calendar that you can subscribe to and have events emailed to you. Models and photographers can post their travel schedules and all of those events are emailed to members. The calendar has the ability to insert images and links into the email notification. The calendar may only be accessed if you are logged in and a member of the site to ensure privacy.

We also have a group on Clubhouse, which is a voice app for your phone, where we can host discussions, stay in contact and actually hear each other. We started out by having a conversation with Vernon Trent on his gallery and studio set up where he lives in Germany, Carson Zullinger had a great conversation about his museum installations, Jon Miller walked us through this NFT craze and I, Zoe, had a discussion about self publishing books. Our next scheduled conversation will be with St. Merrique discussing how to be a safe and successful traveling model. When we schedule her talk it will be posted on our calendar so you all know when to join in.

The wonderful thing about the new version of Community Zoe are all the admin features that allow for moderation and privacy. We can have conversations and discussions there behind a wall that prevents google from indexing every little key word. Pretty cool. We can also have conversations that are public. Total control to prevent trolling too. So when you join you have to have 5 approved comments before you don’t have to be moderated anymore. No spam is awesome!

Hope to see you there and over on Clubhouse!

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments. And feel free to drop binge watching worthy shows or amazing book recommendations too.

© 2017 Zoe Wiseman - models: Anne, Cheyanne, Tara and Brooke

© 2017 Zoe Wiseman – models: Anne, Cheyanne, Tara and Brooke