A year after 2022 in Kauai

Sometimes one steps back from images long enough and come back to them with fresh eyes. This really isn’t what I did at all. I found myself on a new roaming art circuit with Photo Independent showing my work in Milan and LA, finishing up my newly published monograph of my Polaroid Type 85 solarized work (to be fully released soon), and being drug along for music related fun here and there. It’s been a very non-stop year and someday I would love to enjoy a legitimate vacation.

This last post has been screaming to be posted. One of those “to dos” on the list that I couldn’t wait to share but had to wait to share because there was no time. I know I’m not alone. A year has gone by since our retreat in Kauai! How is that possible?

My last shoot there, over a year ago, was with Merrique, one of my favorite models to work with. Lucky me, she’s going to be around this coming week for another shooting adventure. I thought I’d publish the work we did together finally. Especially since the next retreat is already all sorted out and ready to go. I hope you enjoy the work we made in Kauai. I know I’ll never tire of making art with Merrique.

I hadn’t brought out my Lensbaby in years it seemed, so I added it into our shoot. I should probably have more fun with it again.

Also, did you know that I now have made more images with Merrique than anyone else I’ve worked with. I didn’t know that until this evening. Here’s to many more!

Side Chatter:

Our next retreat is going to be in Mission Beach, Australia next April 2024. There are already 11 photographers and 11 models. If you keep up to speed with things here, you will know that you should click on the events tab (look up you! ha) and follow instructions on that latest post. We only have room for 2 more photographers and 1 more model, and that model is already registered and on the wait list, so we are full up for models. I have found the magical manageable number of people finally after 21 years of doing these. Kauai in 2022 made so much sense.

See ya in Oz!

Zoe Wiseman