ZoeFest XXI 2024

Preparations for the 21st annual Zoe Fest are in play. We do not have a location. We do not have a date. We do have an application to attend though, so if you want to be included please FILL IT OUT. We receive many application forms, and filtering through takes time. Invitations will be sent on a first to fill out the form, first to be invited basis. Organizing will happen on CommunityZoe.com in a private discussion area so we may all contribute to making the 21st year of the retreat an amazing event. Right now a few locations are up in the air and being narrowed down with a goal of settling in with each other around February or March, maybe even April. Once things are set in motion those in the discussion area on CommunityZoe.com will know first. So if you haven’t joined that website yet, please do so if you want to be included.

Application link

Don’t forget the espresso!