Mission Beach is calling you….

It’s the night before 2024, and the ocean was restless in the twilight of home, and what to my wondering eyes see in the forecast? Two more photographers to join us in April! Who will it be? Might be it’s you. I believe it must be. To thee! To Thee!

I really apologize for my dorky behavior, but one spot opened up for Zoe Fest in Mission Beach, Australia in April. I had to tell you in a silly unique way. I hope it wasn’t too bad. ha. One spot may have opened but I’m open to having 2-3 more photographers. All model spots have been filled.

Here is the application link. (<< click that text) Just fill it out and if you meet the qualifications of a photographer focused on art who also happens to be a really nice person…. you’re in.

Last year we broke out of our Covid bubbles to meet on the island of Kauai if you want to see what happened there CLICK.

You’ll also want to join Community Zoe before you can be included.

What are you coming to? You are meeting up with 10 other photographers (male and female) and 11 models for 10 days to immerse yourself in nothing but creation, community, nightly slide show presentations, BBQ’s, dinners out and it wouldn’t be an Australian working vacay without a trip out to the Great Barrier Reef for a dive/snorkel trip. There’s also Prawn night. The High Priestess of Prawns has promised to make a snappy appearance. I wish I could reveal her name but that is a member’s only bit of knowledge.

I’d like to explain the retreat since it was the first of its kind and I’ve been running them for 22 years once that needle moves us to 2024. A lot of “adventure” shoot outs have popped up since. This isn’t that. At no point will you ever be standing next to another photographer like your behind a velvet rope as a paparazzi. That’s despicable and gross. That isn’t ART. What you are given is an atmosphere in which to create your own ideas without limits on time or locations. You book and design your own shooting environment, wherever you might want. There are fancy homes, one of the largest rainforests in the world, miles of beaches with no one around, a little island to boat to for the day – and friends. Plus, the ability to book 11 different professional models for your artistic endeavors. You immerse yourself in the creative electricity of your peers and companions. And if you are capable of planning your shoots right, you’ll go home with a book full of work. The only thing it costs are model fees. I don’t charge anything. Your company is enough reward for me. I started this 22 years ago because even back in 2002, the workshop format made me disgusted. I promise if you are a professional or skilled amateur it will be rewarding. If you are someone who needs their hand held and to be told where to shoot, driven to your shooting location like a child with it’s first camera, and don’t have any idea how to direct a model, this probably isn’t where you need to be. I look at work and accomplishments and attitude in choosing who can share 10 days with us. So if you’re up for a real photographic adventure where you are in control of every aspect…. we are up for you being there to share it with us. Jump in!

This is literally the cheesiest we have ever gotten – purely for the Cairns Post. Yep, we are going to an area where we are so celebrated that they put us in the local paper. I can’t wait to return.

Cairns Post

Zoe Fest in Cairns Post