Our mission is to bring photographers and models
together for 10 days of creation 


We all gather in an undisclosed (to the public) location to hang out, have BBQ’s, go to dinners, watch a slide show from our last years work, drink and be merry, photograph each other, photograph the models, and walk through deserts, rain forests and swim in oceans and swimming pools together. It’s basically … MEET HERE! LET’S HANG OUT. No egos, no direction, you do what you want to do. We gather at night and talk shop, mentor each other, occasionally throw food at each other, make new friends and say hello to old one’s. Then we cry when we have to leave and keep in touch with everyone for an entire year afterwards and do it all over again the next year. Let us enrich your life!

What is Zoe Fest?
Well, it isn't a workshop, it isn't a terrible shoot out where photographers are all pointing their cameras at the same scene, it's almost a festival and it isn't commercial. No one makes money. We just make art. If you are searching for instruction this probably isn't the best place for you. If you are an advanced amateur or professional able to schedule your own day and arrange your own shoots, please hop on board. We do not take you out on location, you take yourself out. Renting a car is highly encouraged. 

We do insist that each photographer and model fill out the basic application to attend before we share our location and other pertinent details with you. This is to ensure everyone's safety and to make things more streamlined and organized during the planning stages.



  • “Because I love everyone involved in the event and have felt so blessed for the past two years to have been able to share such a wonderful experience with so many wonderful and talented people ”
  • “Best its the best experience of My life. Every time has enrichened My life.”
  • “I would absolutely love to attend this years Zoefest. I had such an amazing time at the last two Zoefest’s creating art with like minded people from around the globe who share my passions of art, figure modelling and photography. I feel there are special bonds/frienships that are made between the people who attend these events which I think take the art produced to another level. It’s just amazing. I’d also like the chance to create with people who I haven’t had the chance before. ”
  • “Except for the 2011 meet that I missed, this annual event is something I look forward to every year.”
  • “Because I love my friends and it’s a great opportunity to see many I don’t see otherwise and I love creating wonderful art pics.  And what other week of the year do I maybe get to play with things like a goat or a giant blue pig?”
  • “Because it’s fun!”
  • “I have been fortunate enough to attend the festival the past two years and am now thoroughly convinced no year will be complete without attending the festival. I am a strong believer that photos become better between people when photographers and models continue to work with each other and develop a connection on a personal level in addition to an artistic level. Through this festival, all of the attendants are able to live with each other, discuss their art, collaborate, goof off and of course, get down to working with each other. The photos from the festival never cease to amaze me. A week of intense art making with socialization between shoots is absolutely incredible. I relish the experience of being in a community where everyone is into their modeling and photography for the right reasons – to create art.  I feel at home, happy and inspired while at the festival. Here I my passion for bending in uncomfortable shapes on rocks, in cold water, or while hanging off cliffs is thoroughly understood and even appreciated.”
  • “It is a pretty damn awesome group to be involved with, I had a wonderful experience last year!”
  • “Because ZoeFest was by far the best experience ive ever had in this field. It’s filled with awesome talent and like minded souls. Plus it’s the single best gathering to create art in, period!”
  • “FestX was my first and I REALLY don’t want it to be my last. I had such an amazing time. You really create a great atmosphere!!  You’re also great at picking out compatible groups. It’s nice to have a relaxing/safe work environment. I can’t wait to see where it ends up being held this year!”
  • “Because its one of the rare events where I actually feel like I’m making worthwhile art with people who care as much about the images as myself.”