20th Anniversary of Zoe Fest

Celebrating 20 years of organizing something is a milestone. So we are going to celebrate it. It will be a much different time together considering the state of the world, but the show must go on.

12 attendees will be accepted, and we will all be vaccinated, we will all have our own hotel rooms and we will congregate outdoors when we meet up for BBQs or dinner. And we will do all of this on the Island of Kauai, Hawaii. Our 1/2 way point between Australia and the US. 7 hours from Brisbane by plane and 5 hours from Los Angeles by plane. I know we can do this safely.

We are currently organizing all of this on CommunityZoe.com. Should you wish to meet us on the island please fill out our application. We have room for a couple more photographers.

4 rooms are booked, discounts applied and planning has begun. Some usual suspects are confirmed!

A breakdown of how it works:

  1. fill out the application
  2. join communityzoe.com
  3. Once you are invited you are placed in our private room where all organizing takes place.
  4. This is not a workshop. You book your own shoots and plan your own day and we have group time at the hotel or local restaurants. You will never be standing side by side another photographer pointing your lens at a model in the same location. Gross. That isn’t our cup of tea. You find your own spots to shoot and you do your own thing. You are a professional after all, right?
  5. We post our snap shots here and on Communityzoe.com so that our memories are safe and secure for you to visit years from now and remember our time together.
  6. There is no charge to attend. You pay for all your own stuff. I, Zoe, do not make a dime. It is a group effort by chipping in all together. I do this because I love the creative magical energy bouncing off everyone when we are all together.

More information is posted on Communityzoe.com once we acquire information to pass on to everyone.

It’s time to live again. Come and enjoy the beauty with us and create art and joy. Safely.

See our 2016 fest held in Kauai for vibe reference.

© Carson Zullinger

One of Carson Zullinger’s first day shots of our front yard at the hotel.

Not a bad front yard.