The Great Ocean Road Trip

The Great Ocean Road

Hello friends!

This year Zoe Fest is a going to be a little Zoe Rest.

One small intimate group of models and photographers in one house along Australia’s Great Ocean Road. Three photographers and four models and a lot of, hopefully, beautiful photography to be made. We have never “gone small” before and this year I thought I would give it a try and scientifically examine whether this produces greater kinship. 

The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road

We will be posting fun images here when we can. Little snaps, outtakes and descriptive images of all Victoria’s beautiful coast line. Please be sure to sign up for email alerts! Once you do you will get our posts sent to you so you can follow our trip. We start road tripping on March 29th! 

If we all get our acts together this year, maybe we will even have a small publication for you to purchase.

Have fun with us on our quest!