Corona Cancelled Zoe Fest

In the large scheme of things, this is fairly minor in terms of the Corona virus. It’s on the entire world’s mind and it’s effecting everyone, including artists. While it has cancelled our upcoming Zoe Fest on March 29th, there are artists all over the world being hit hard by this. A lot of artists are missing their paycheck due to living in a gig economy. I see it here in Los Angeles with film productions being shut down, movie theaters closing up, gallery shows being cancelled, music events, and concerning OUR direct little segment of the art world; models losing their bookings. Please keep them in your hearts and if you can lend help to anyone experiencing financial difficulty due to losing work, consider it, do it, we are all in this together. 

Let’s raise a glass of vitamin C laced with a good dose of bourbon to our health! We are nothing without it. 

Stay safe out there everyone. Wash your hands, social distance yourself, stay home, stop hugging, stop hoarding (except for chocolate and coffee, i understand)… be responsible. 

Here’s to our beautiful world!

photo by George Butch during Zoe Fest 2008