Swings, fallen leaves and slanted trees

© 2022 Zoe Wiseman ~ model: Brooke

The last time Brooke and I made photos in Kauai our luck wasn’t oh so great. I love the photos we created in 2016, but there were complications with a mean lady that shortened our day of making them. 2022 made up for all that. We found such a serene location and took our time and had a blast. It’s always a great day hanging with Brooke and making photos… smiles as evidence!

This location had so many different places to point a lens. It was carpeted with fallen leaves and felt like Fall on Kauai, the slanting of the trees made you wonder where the horizon line should be so I was able to decide for myself. The swing was just extra lagniappe. (go ahead, google that word)

I want to kick myself for not getting a shot though. Usually when I have an “yep, i got that” feeling it’s because I did get it. But this time I was foiled. I still have the image in my head and it’s haunting me. I wish I could have shared it with you.


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© 2022 Zoe Wiseman