Discovering my location serenity with Anne

© 2022 Zoe Wiseman - model: Anne


Zen garden in the front, surfers to the left and silence to photograph to the right of it all. Somewhere in the middle on the way back were these trees.

I love that I found a spot in the water that looks like an eye. Anne held her poses on the pupil of it and floated while I flew. She’s always brilliant. There are so many I liked from the air, and I had to sacrifice many. These all made the most sense to me.

We worked quickly and sorted it all out in about 10 minutes, then headed in a new direction.

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The rocks so black, the trees so black and Anne’s contrast. A beautiful location, myself hoping no one could see us, while also trying to take in all the oceanic beauty surrounding us. I didn’t know where to look at times, except through a lens.

When Anne pointed her toes against that rock I yelled at myself to turn off the scatter brain and get that shot. How did she do that? Amazing.

A perfect September 15th.

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© 2022 Zoe Wiseman