Back from Kauai in post mode!


Hello friends!

Well, I can definitely say that the 20th Anniversary of ZoeFest was beautiful! What a group of people we had! I am back home now and sifting through lots of work I personally made while also thinking how best to display our snap shots so you can have a glimpse of our location for the week and all the fun everyone had. Thank you to all attendees who made the week so fulfilling. It was perfect.

I can’t believe that in 2002 our little get together would turn into 20 years of making beautiful art together. What a lovely ride. What amazing connections and friends we have made. To everyone who has joined us in the past, thank you for the memories. To all the galleries, museums and publishers who have exhibited and published our work, thank you for seeing us and supporting us. I raise a toast to many more creative years to come!

I will leave you with one of my images I created. The idea started about 4 months before arrival after being mesmerized by a nautilus shell. The models were given a photo of a shell and then I coached them into the poses that would best reflect the symmetry of the image. Anne Duffy, Eva Luna, Her Stillness Dances, Brooke Lynn, St. Merrique and Cheyanne were brilliant! We spent a quick moment on the beach and now my image is realized. Thanks ladies!

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Nautilus – ©2022 Zoe Wiseman – models: Anne Duffy, Eva Luna, Brooke Lynn, St. Merrique, Cheyanne, Her Stillness Dances