2017 Zoe Fest October – Australia

Zoe Fest 2017

Planning has started for the annual artist retreat for ARTnudes Network. Since 2001 we have been gathering for 7-10 days creating beautiful images. We’ve done this in Woodstock, NY, Sequoia National Park, Joshua Tree, Palm Springs, Baja Sur, California, Mexico, Mission Beach and Sapphire Beach, Australia, the Hawaiian Islands, and on the rim of the Grand Canyon. We have had photographers and models all over the world attend and enjoy each others company, ideas, networking and collaborations. Wives, husbands and babies, granddaughters and grandsons, female and male photographers and models. We’ve all become great friends.

This time around we are headed Australia once again in October. I must warn you, space fills up rather quickly. We can only do 40 people MAX, anything more and it turns into a job instead of a wonderful vacation filled with happy art making. If we did do 40, this would mean maximum of 17 models.

For those who have never been to one of our artist retreats… it is not a workshop, we do not drive you to locations, we do not go to locations as a group. You work just like you would at home, find a location, book a model, and head out and make great art. It is for professional and advanced amateur photographers and serious hobbyists. Which means you know how to book your own shoots, know how to treat our models, and do not need any instruction whatsoever to go out and make beautiful pictures.

If you are looking for a workshop instead of what we are offering, please contact Zoe @ info@zoewiseman.com – we may be able to offer you an observation day with select photographers at a reasonable fee. This would mean being their assistant for the day and/or just watching and taking notes on how they shoot depending on each photographer and what they are willing to accept. You won’t be allowed to shoot only observe. After you’ve spent a few days with us if a model has time in her schedule you might be able to arrange your own booking after a couple observation days. It would be a wonderful learning experience for someone just starting out.

So what you need to do is click below and sign up for Zoe Fest. Fill out the application form and enter your email address in the blog subscription. If you are not a member of Figuremodels.org you will need to join before you can be invited. We do all our organizing in private on a discussion board there. If you run into any problems joining please contact us and we will fix any bugs. Once we have reviewed your portfolio and checked your references we will send you an invitation on a first come first serve basis. Space fills fast. Last year model spaces filled up in two days. Be quick!