ZoeFest, finally… and it was fabulous!

Contributing here is on my list to do before the end of 2018 – I’m cutting it fine – but I wanted to write a bit from the viewpoint of a Fest first timer.  I had been aware of ZoeFest for several years, admiring the images produced and dreaming of one day being able to participate.  But seeing the work of the very talented photographers and models was a bit intimidating, while I’ve dabbled in nudes for years it’s only been a very occasional sideline to my commercial work.  Tara’s visit to NZ at the end of 2017 was the turning point, she encouraged me to sign up.

What really struck me was just how comfortable I felt among the talented people I had followed for years – everyone involved was just so genuine, no big egos, just a shared love of seeing what could be created.  In my 58 years I think it’s the first time I’ve felt like I’ve ‘found my tribe”.  Zoe you do an amazing job of collecting up very cool people.

So I came home with hundreds of images I’ve been dying to work through and share with those involved, but my work photography took over.  I think a realistic time frame is many months rather than weeks, thanks to the models for their patience.  Here’s a tiny start:

Lucy, first early morning beach visit @lucy.artmodel

The challenge of finding places to shoot away from the tourists / neighbours gave me a crash course in skills I haven’t needed in rural New Zealand!

Tara at home in the ferns @modeltara

Madelyn in the doorway @madelyn_winter

Anne finds some nice natural light @anneduffy_model

We found some super interesting trees in the woods just behind the house, bonus of few people, non-bonus of zillions of mossies.

Gnarly trees and the lovely Cheyanne @cheyannigans

Lucy just blended right in with nature @lucy.artmodel

Sass Kia, garden Goddess @sasskiamodel

I had been in touch with Ella for about 10 years but never managed to cross paths until Noosa.  So happy to finally meet up.

Ella @ella.rose.muse

I’m not generally a beach landscape photographer but could be converted after an amazing experience with Stephanie early one morning – she brought so much experience and creativity along with her.

Stephanie, 4.30 am start worth the effort! @skdmodel

Carlotta @carlottachampagne

Eva @earthy.eva

One thing I figured out during the 10 days was home much I love the shapes that can be created by bodies – I reminded myself that this was what first drew me to exploring nudes.  Brooke was just a superb model to help me explore this.  I have so many I just love from our shoot.

Brooke @artmodelbrookelynne

Minh-Ly @minhly.model

I think the above may be about 1% of the images i love from my 10 days with the most creative people I have met – I’m going to have a wonderful few months working my way through the rest 🙂