Zoefest 2017 happenings…

Zoefest 2017 has been a fantastic experience. We’ve shared fresh prawns off the boat, we’ve sailed the waters of the reef (well not really, motored more like it), we snorkelled with tropical fish, turtles, sharks and large clams and some photography in between. We’ve met new acquaintances of likeminded people with a desire to create, explore, and enhance our craft. We celebrated birthdays and looked after the sick. We discovered some beautiful locations for our shoots and some not so. We covered miles to and from the model house all the while in pursuit of that desire and passion to shoot. Was super happy to have finally seen Cape Tribulation and the Daintree too.

To the hosts (Zoe and Charlie), all the models and photographers new and old, it’s been a blast! Thank you one and all. Will never forget.

Stay in touch till we meet again.

Lastly, thank you Ray Fritz for being a great house mate. Nothing was ever too much trouble. Thank you. 😊