Where do I begin?!

Every time I go to Australia, I say NEVER AGAIN! I love the people, I love the experience, but oh how I loathe that flight,lol.
So Zoe got me on an airplane for a third time to head down under.. I hope she realizes how much I love her and her festivals.

As soon as we arrived to Zoe’s Oz house, I got deemed “house mom” of the model guest house (aka, the party house). I swear one of these days I’m going to get drunk or act a fool so I stop getting labeled as the responsible one, haha. It was for the best that Anne, Titania, Cheyanne and I ended up together. We stayed up too late every night, went in the hot tub in the evenings, and probably would have kept everyone else awake chit chatting if we were in the main house.

I feel like there are so many side stories to add. Zoes birthday, Anne’s birthday, crocodile searching, visiting the zoo. When Zoe and I went to shoot and ended up playing with a neighbor’s horses, Carol having a series of unfortunate events any time I’m near her (starting with drowning her cell phone). Damon trying to convince me that rivers are safe from crocs, Adam’s knowledge of music and his wife’s hysterical death metal impersonation of vomiting into a bag…need I go on?

Every time I go to this event I feel so completely fulfilled emotionally and artistically. I walk away with life long friends, and I meet new people that inspire me. Thank you all for allowing me to create art with you.

Here is my snapshot purge: