two beauties

Nudes in nature is a genre I love but not my natural shooting style. This year I tried to push myself to do new things (including getting up at sunrise). Noosa had an added advantage over last year in that there weren’t as many things in the water wanting to kill me, so it was at least more comfortable going exploring without the fear of death.

Cheyanne and Ella Rose are two models I love working with and who push me to try harder because I can see them working to get the perfect shot.

So here is my first picture from Zoefest 2018. I am super fucking proud of it, despite its imperfections – full sun, outside, two models, no props, no days of agonising editing and textures…how unlike me.

carolhumber ZF18 - Ella Rose & Cheyanne-1 - web.jpg

Copyright: Carol Humber Photography 2018
Models: Cheyanne and Ella Rose