Touch down in Cairns

The flight was long and bumpy – I had dreams of waking up in a coffin but unable to yell to tell them I was still alive, then I actually woke up and I was safe inflight and the flight attendant brought me a beautiful cappuccino.

After breakfast I looked out upon Brisbane …

Such a beautiful city.

Grabbed the bags and my zipper on one was open *gulp* – no time! Need to hurry through customs to my next leg of the trip.

The only thing that fell out were my contact lenses… oh well. Blurry fish tomorrow snorkeling. Not a big deal. At least it was only that.

Now I’m settled in my hotel looking out over the Cairns Marina noticing the humidity in my hair. Tomorrow 7:30 am snorkel and then sleep before the drive to see everyone. Can’t wait!!

Hello Australia. It’s so nice to be back!