Stuff we say

Many have battled bravely and unwittingly, but the results of my secret ‘photographer comments/directions of the week’ competition are now in and I can reveal that Carson and Carol are joint winners. A few of their highlights:

‘I’m going to light the gold fabric around you a bit more strongly because it’s really looking… bingo bango.’

‘Stop talking.’  (A polite suggestion for Jessamyne and I and hands down the most astute piece of direction I’ve ever been given during a shoot.)

‘Shewshewshewshewshewshew…’ (What I could only assume were his self-propelling sound effects while jumping around to carefully light Jess and I from the sides during a long exposure. We had to redo the frame because my face was clearly trying not to smile.

‘I suppose I’m getting a bit silly in my old age.’ 🙂 🙂 🙂

…And Carol went for quality rather than quantity; on discovering that a string of lights weren’t where she thought they were and were in fact en route to Brisbane in a suitcase:

‘Oh well wouldn’t that just rip the fork out of your nightie? Oh poo bum.’

Thanks Carson and Carol (and all the other candidates) for being absolutely wonderful. You are both a total pleasure to model for (as was everyone else!).

P.S. I’ll give myself a special mention (though it’s nothing new for me to spout nonsense while posing) for casually whispering to myself or no one in particular: ‘I’m going to look whimsically upwards with my eyes closed’. I knew what I meant.