My shoot with Tony Zara

I had never met Tony before the Zoe fest. We prearranged to shoot on the first day through email. We both knew that the first shoot was like taking the bandaid off but as I reminded him it was the best opportunity to get the fresh fruit before the model progressively got black and blue over the week.

So he got me….. fresh as a daisy and raring to go. Slightly nervous and apprehensive but all the right ingredients for the perfect shoot.

I felt blessed when Tony took me out to this old rusted out car. The possibilities were endless with her or so it appeared before I tried to rest my uncovered bum onto her beautiful metal exterior.

Burnt the butt off myself, I did!

Her rusted hood was crumbling beneath my feet so I had to not only watch out for moody snakes who took up ownership before I did but I had to also choose carefully the correct places to put my full body weight or I would have ended up looking for a tetanus injection and Aloe Vera for my burnt posterior.

Thankfully I’m an expert at extreme modelling hence my common hash tag. I love every second of it. My risk taking does not surpass my comfort levels but the art obtained pays off.

I loved photographing this rusted out ole car full of character. I’m very grateful Tony took me here and to the little old railway line still used to move sugarcane up and down the lines. We met an unlikely character there guarding the wetlands but we had no bother from him at all. He was stuffed with silence and mystery. Why would one even be dressed as a sailor out there in the outback like that? Funny scarecrow!

Anyway it set a good precedent for the week and it was hard to keep up with.

Shooting with Tony was great. Tony was great. I’m sorry we did not get more time but I look forward to the day we shoot again because I’m pretty certain it will happen.

Grazie mille Tony.

Vediamo presto.