Mermaid Carol

Carol was well prepared. A princess dream. Shiny cloths, see through materials and a variety of exciting girlie clothing and crown to try out. Our time together was a mix of childhood dreams and bffs hanging out.

She brought a magical antique type Victorian happy yellow toe length dress for underwater work.

A transparent flowery nude modern piece.

A mermaid tail, crown , little mermaid matching top and shiny glitter makeup.

All this under the water, a cup of tea and some crackers later and we had achieved what we set out to do.

It definitely was one of my most tiring shoots over the fest and I could not see for maybe up to 7 hours after the shoot. One of the hazards with pool chlorine and underwater work.

I wouldn’t change it anyway as it was a magical afternoon and I hope that Carol was pleased with what she got. If nothing it was an enjoyable, pleasurable experience of fantasy and makeup.

P.s. Note: glitter does not stay on underwater and nor do crowns.