Mel and the house of infrared treasures

Mel is one of the most amazing experimental photographers I know. Show her something quirky and she will show you things your mind couldn’t have even thought. Over the years I have done levitation images with her, bendy lens and various reflection works. The bottom of a vase makes for a very interesting effect with her. Add in an infrared lens and you have psychedelic patterns. She is not afraid to push limits and she is good at what she does, especially in a small space that most would fear.

The second property at which Carson, Pat, Carol and Mel stayed had a bathtub in the garden. It was awesome. I think every model that could, wanted to be shot in that. These images were amazing. Just take a look at her work and what she did. Mel Brackstone.

All this fantastic creativity washed down well with a cup of tea.

Besides this day I had some other fabulous moments with Mel and the others. We ate Indian, we scouted for locations and visited an Australian land mine Mark from the war. She has become a great friend over the years so it was always great to enjoy her company. Take a look at some of our images