Horsing around once again.

Some girls need unicorns to be happy but show me a good old regular horse or even a donkey and I’ll be happy.

Damon with great difficulty made a small dream happen for Liska and I. After various cancellations and by the luck of a miracle somehow it was arranged.

I had already begun shooting with Adam (Hauldren) number one who kindly stepped forward to fill my cancellation time. We were getting into some Polaroid type images, he was calling me beautiful and all that and I was brushing off his compliments like water off a ducks back. We had a great discussion on the subject as there are a variety of ways that a photographer interacts with a model. Some say positive remarks like an automatic machine gun without any feeling and others say it like they mean it as if they can really see a moment that is indeed beautiful. Some rarely say it at all and I take most of those compliments as an almost necessary interaction between model and tog. I do in fact feel it’s a necessary evil in disregard to its whole depth as positive feedback, sincere or not as it creates a positive environment in which the two can move forward in creation. Now of course there is the extreme sides of complimenting or not but most of the time the photographers know the happy medium. Adam number one definitely did know how to throw together some interesting food for thought. Albeit vegetarian! Laugh out loud, at myself probably.

In the middle of all this discussion Damon returned like a superman in the day chauffeured in a non armoured car by Adam number two. (Davidson).

He tore me out of the camera arms of Adam 1 and forced me with no bother at all to go and find horses.

The lady at the stables presented us with our first challenge. That we couldn’t go outside of the fenced paddock with out helmets. Inside of the paddock lacked the beautiful scenery that engulfed us. So we took our horses one by one, Liska and I out side to do some standing up images. Then Damon with no bother proceeded to photograph us inside of the paddock in disregard to the setting. Like few people could Damon made all those unsightly obstacles disappear and went on to produce some amazing photos and memories.

My number one thought whilst riding around the paddock naked on the horse was…. Now this is a first!!!!! It’s definitely not everyday you get to ride around a paddock with no clothes on unless you are really poor and just happen to own a horse.

It was short lived and they had to almost take us kicking and dragging our feet to get us away. We got in all the horse cuddles and kisses we could before saying our last goodbyes with apples. Something I casually carry in my bag because you never know when you will come upon a horse that you want to bribe. The bribery worked and Eliska got evidence of the horse trying to get into the car with us. I kid you not.

It was a memorable day.

Thank you Adam Hauldren.

Thank you Damon.

Thank you Adam Davidson.

Thank you Liska for sharing my love and for helping make magic happen.