He will always be remembered as the man who made us model on a chopping board.

Moko imagery or Adam number 2 as some so politely named him was the man who made us model on a chopping board. Not some big comfortable chopping board I’ll let you know but this little itsy bitsy my feet are too big for it so I’ll stand on my head sized board. Which wasn’t a bad idea as images go. My bad back and a year of practise finally paid off. Imagine if I’d been in good form.

Besides being the chopping board man Adam is also the photographer who helped me transform into my life long dream of becoming a zebra. He sadly doesn’t carry any weapons with him like a big sharp knife for instance that would have come in so handy for cutting down foliage. We spent a good half hour biting, punching, kicking and hitting with a stone to achieve the separation of one measly palm leaf that performs magic tricks. The zebra transformer filter copyrighted by Adam 2.

After getting tired of being all stripey he made me climb an ant invested tree ( I counted at least 1 which I’m so sorry I flicked into the water. I know I’ll burn in hell for that.) and then jump into the fast flowing shark invested, oh sorry was that crocodile waters? He didn’t like me playing invisible under the water. I think that was something to do with wanting to see the model in the photos 😉 I then rolled in sand and then we went coconut and debris ducking in one of the crazy giant palm leafs falling out of the sky tropical forests. I found 2 dollars and a giant empty snail shell so my day was made up. I think Adam got a decent picture or two of some Irish bird so we were all made up. Did I mention we dared the snake invested, real life people not too far away sugar cane fields. I swear it was three snaps and run.

A day in the life of a real #extrememodelling Irish adventure model and Australian tog down under.

Beer time anyone?