Flowing fabric and ant nest trees.

placeholder://placeholder://placeholder://placeholder://placeholder://placeholder://placeholder://Ray took me out to a local flowing river. No crocs in sight but strange giant egg shaped purple fruits lay at the river bank side. Ray brought the most beautiful long materials with him so we decided to experiment in the water, around the water. On stones and up Tree.

Walking across the extremely rocky river was a challenge but step by step albeit baby steps this naked model made it in one piece.

A few balancing yoga poses later we finally spied this beautiful fork branched tree that looked like something out of a fairytale. I cautiously climbed the tree testing it for snakes and continued to lay down on what could possibly have been an ants nest or at least their super highway. A flick here and there and I managed to stay still enough for a few images. Images of which I hope turned out to be of Rays liking.

I played a little more in the water doing my best floating man pose but then the time was up and we headed back to camp.

Our time was short but Ray is a lovely man to work with. Talented, patient and communicative.

He is also a rather good curry and birthday cake maker. Part of the reason why Tony decided he needed a house husband. I’d say he would be the ideal choice.

I hope to see and work with Ray again.