Please enjoy some of our snap shots from past festivals 2002-2012 are currently available.
Highlighted text will take you to each festival's blog where you can view all the work we made together. 

If you are having trouble viewing the videos on this page we invite you to view them on Vimeo.

2016 we landed in Kauai, Hawaii right on the beach that was our sleep time soundtrack every night. Click the text to see images on our fest blog.

group-with-marilyn-199212012 we landed in Palm Springs in swanky mid-century modern houses with big swimming pools. 

our 10th annual was held in Mexico in 2011 - we had to make 2 videos of snap shots enjoy. and please click the link and see the amazing images everyone created. we took over 3 boutique hotels and enjoyed ourselves immensely. 

2010 We were down under in Mission Beach, Australia


Out for local Thai cuisine in Mission Beach

2009 Mission Beach, Australia

Mission Beach attendees 2009

Mission Beach attendees 2009

In the years 2002-2008 we don't have any blogs to correspond with our festivals. This was all before social media was so prominent and organized. Most people had never heard of a blog and so sadly, we have no lasting documentation of the work we created together in these amazing locations. We do have our snap shots though and you may enjoy our silliness! These were fun times. 

2002 was our first get together. It only lasted one day and no one shot any work together. We just said hello, swam in the river and met all the people who we had come to know online. It was a great day!