Ella Rose’s phone explosion

Ella Rose’s phone explosion

Hope I don’t break the blog with this ginormous, jumbo jumble of 53(?) snapshots and videos taken on my phone… Also, why are they sideways as I type?? Hoping they magically right themselves when uploading – if not, very sorry for all your necks. Here we have various pools, various trees, various attempts at making the pool noodles look elegant, a lighthouse, some very serious cocktail making, sheer, unadulterated joy upon discovering a tea plantation in the middle of Daintree rainforest, the curtain fig, crab art, a boat trip and Cape Tribulation Beach. …And hardly any product placement at all… (OK, I got a bit snap-happy with some leaves at one point in between all my shoots)… 😉

I’m loving seeing everyone’s updates and photos as they emerge! 🙂

Ella Rose
  • Ella Rose
    Posted at 14:55h, 21 November Reply

    Oooh, the photos are the right way up. Phew!

  • Zoe Wiseman
    Posted at 08:46h, 22 November Reply

    awesome snaps! i fixed the photos for you… the videos didn’t load but you have to select something special for that. so if you want me to post them for you, you can email them to me and I will.

    thanks so much for sharing your memories!!! 🙂

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