Bye bye Sydney. Hello Queensland.

I’m not sure if it’s because they didn’t make me take off my shoes or make me go through a body scanner in the airport but I’ve never been so pleased to leave a place in my life.

Maybe it’s because my choice of hostel was awful and I had to put up with the most poorly educated self obnoxious, just having fun people in my life. One of which tried to bring a boy into the room to have sex and didn’t like my protests.

Or the fact that the drugged up prostitute Rock look alike transvestite and Lady boy co. didn’t like me taking up their corner at 04.30 whilst I innocently awaited my no show paid in total transfer.

Or maybe it was that one fine first coffee in days and the knowing that some of my favourite people await me at the other side of this flight to Cairns. Queensland here I come. Drop bears and crocs watch out. Hugs all around!

Bye bye Sydney.

Hello Zoe fest heaven.