Brian brought snakes on the plane

Day 2: full day shooting with the fabulous Brian. We had been in correspondence much before the fest to conjure up a continuation of our Minoan Goddess shoot that we did at Joshua Tree years back. I was pretty excited to be playing with snakes again even though they weren’t real.

Brian brought along an Egyptian type wig and various clothes carefully picked out from the fancy dress rental shop. It was exciting to dress up and try represent such a prestigious Greek statue. Many theories have been thought up to the exact meaning of her symbols and some believe that the snakes serve as protectors.

After the Minoan princess we did some shots around Jades Ridge and then we sat off to shoot in a creek. No crocodiles to be seen but I did have the bejesus scared out of me by a floating leaf.

Brian is a pleasure to work with. He knows what he wants so that makes it easier. It also helps that he is a great photographer and an extremely interesting nice gentleman.